Shaping Words Collection#1 (Longest entry ever!)

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New set of drawings for my apt wall…

Woooooooooo my friend is getting married in 2 weeks!



wow haha. first post since April. Apparently I’ve been on some serious hibernation. Anyways, this is my second year volunteering as a mural artist for New York Cares Day. Ohhh boy I had soooooo much fun this year. Second time’s a charm!


-Caitlin and Matt concentrating on the painting!



-Riva and her big outdoor wall


-3rd floor Gym wall and ground floor hallway (my fav)


-Snowmen and Angry birds!!


Apart from supervising and designing murals/canvas paintings for volunteers to paint, I got to run up and down 3 flights of stairs 20+ times. Probably lost 3 lbs in the process. YAY! Can’t wait for next year! (Go Team Strong!)


Life lesson #2




Japan, get well soon!



Ramen-Otaku= Ramen Freak

yea.. that’s me

Life lesson #1

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.

-James Stephens

New Year’s Resolution #4

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