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Shaping Words Collection#1 (Longest entry ever!)

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New set of drawings for my apt wall…

Life lesson #2



Ramen-Otaku= Ramen Freak

yea.. that’s me

Life lesson #1

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.

-James Stephens

New Year’s Resolution #4


This is how I’m feeling. Sad. Trapped.

Happy Halloween from Jason


Why Jason kills

Ahh.. Been so busy the past few months trying to put together a team, fundraise (not very successful) and work with the principle on the mural for New York Cares Day for local public school. It was so worthwhile after seeing the end result of the wall. Yay to Team Strong volunteers!

Final sketch

Tada! PS 59 east side wall all pimped out!

a short clip starring the kids on the wall and Alex posing for picture with Senor Pedro the ice cream man.

Thanks to all the volunteers!
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