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wow haha. first post since April. Apparently I’ve been on some serious hibernation. Anyways, this is my second year volunteering as a mural artist for New York Cares Day. Ohhh boy I had soooooo much fun this year. Second time’s a charm!


-Caitlin and Matt concentrating on the painting!



-Riva and her big outdoor wall


-3rd floor Gym wall and ground floor hallway (my fav)


-Snowmen and Angry birds!!


Apart from supervising and designing murals/canvas paintings for volunteers to paint, I got to run up and down 3 flights of stairs 20+ times. Probably lost 3 lbs in the process. YAY! Can’t wait for next year! (Go Team Strong!)



Ahh.. Been so busy the past few months trying to put together a team, fundraise (not very successful) and work with the principle on the mural for New York Cares Day for local public school. It was so worthwhile after seeing the end result of the wall. Yay to Team Strong volunteers!

Final sketch

Tada! PS 59 east side wall all pimped out!

a short clip starring the kids on the wall and Alex posing for picture with Senor Pedro the ice cream man.

Thanks to all the volunteers!


…because trees
hold the key
to everything
…including you


Project We’re In This Together preview…

We (my work colleague and I) are working on promoting a “greener” office. The first project will consist of a set of refrigerator magnets (as seen above) which will be distributed on our floor, a series of poster/flyer and monthly pocket size mini calendar. Maybe some freebies so people could take back to their desk (as a reminder to be gentle to our environment!). I’m very excited. This is fun. HEE

*What made me happy today: none, I was very sad today

dying_trees copy

Work has taken over my life completely 100% plus I’m aging and SICK (for the past week). And this is because people keep KILLING TREES!!!! PLEASE STOP! At least think about the oxygen they produce and me!

What made me happy today: Art Under the Bridge Festival.. ahhhhhhh very tired



not only polar bears, birds are going too…

Q: What makes us human? 


A: The ability to take take TAKE… and destroy


So little left…

*What made me happy today:

  2. Hanging out with BB yesterday
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