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New set of drawings for my apt wall…


Ramen-Otaku= Ramen Freak

yea.. that’s me

To play Thanksgiving crossword puzzle (to kill 30 sec worth of time) click here.

so…I found out today that the flaps on turkey’s beak/neck/throat turn red when they are upset or during sex.

I’ve been very obsessed with soup after I watched The Tale of Despereaux and decided that I should have a soup week!

Chicken Soup (my very own awesome recipe)

Hungarian Mushroom Soup (some yummy recipe from Internet)

and from now on November 11th is my Soup’s Day.

This is me… in the morning

This is me in the afternoon. It’s one of those kill-me-or-I’ll-kill-myself days

*What made me happy today: see pictures above


This could be me someday… choked to death..


My night shift doorman told me it was a tradition for him and his brother to go to IHOP at midnight every Sunday but it stopped after he took the job 😦 So last night I made him pancake!!!! I was extremely happy he was happy… until he tasted it. HAHA

What made me happy today: seeing someone happy


So far I’ve been very consistent about eating right. How do you like my grilled herb chicken salad? Believe me it’s GOOD (or at least to me).


Zesty Salmon for dinner.


Above is the breakdown of my breakfast for Aug 14-17 2009
I am so proud of myself I’ve been eating healthy. HEE

What made me happy today: Carrot Cake


My new snack plate on my master piece Mondrian replica table
Yes, that’s snack.

What made me happy today: GL JOE (not G.I. Joe) and Fage Yogurt+honey

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