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To play Thanksgiving crossword puzzle (to kill 30 sec worth of time) click here.

so…I found out today that the flaps on turkey’s beak/neck/throat turn red when they are upset or during sex.



Project We’re In This Together preview…

We (my work colleague and I) are working on promoting a “greener” office. The first project will consist of a set of refrigerator magnets (as seen above) which will be distributed on our floor, a series of poster/flyer and monthly pocket size mini calendar. Maybe some freebies so people could take back to their desk (as a reminder to be gentle to our environment!). I’m very excited. This is fun. HEE

*What made me happy today: none, I was very sad today

dying_trees copy

Work has taken over my life completely 100% plus I’m aging and SICK (for the past week). And this is because people keep KILLING TREES!!!! PLEASE STOP! At least think about the oxygen they produce and me!

What made me happy today: Art Under the Bridge Festival.. ahhhhhhh very tired


My first 24 hr after I got a staff spot at my job… carefree.
Oh and I came across this awesome stop motion.

What made me happy today: I had a great Saturday


That’s me up there. Yes, I have pink legs. Want to know why? CLICK

What made me happy today: Grilled chicken sandwich


Above is the breakdown of my breakfast for Aug 14-17 2009
I am so proud of myself I’ve been eating healthy. HEE

What made me happy today: Carrot Cake


My version (just for fun) of Hazeltine Golf Course for an ongoing PGA Championship.
to be continued…

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