The day I’ve been waiting for has finally come. The Brooklyn Book Festival ’09!!!!!!!! YAY I love books. There were 166 publishers in total. I wish we had this every month. (Sorry for some grainy photographs)

So these are books, flyers, bookmarks, leave-behinds and whatnot I got from the festival. Some are nicely designed (love) and some are blehhhhh. There are more on my table. Apparently I’m a clepto.


This I like. A typographic flyer of all the title they were selling today from Mark Batty Publisher. It’s a silkscreen! nice yes?


Because I like their flyer I bought 2 books from them. They are graphic illustrations by Noma Bar. I don’t know why I didn’t know anything about him until now. Where was I??!?? His works are out of this world. He reminds me of Charles Goslin.


(picture courtesy of pixelelement)

(picture courtesy of pixelelement)


Isn’t this the most realistic picture of Bush?


This is so cute. A free T-shirt I got from C-SPAN booth. It came in a shape of a bus.


Lastly, food street map. Say food and information design and I’m there. It achieved some level of success because I had no problem finding my food.

What made me happy today: of course, the book festival